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protection bracelet. Mix amazonite bracelet with sterling silver beads. adjustable closure.
Amazonite Matte Beads Bracelet. TRUTH - CLARITY
Amazonite Matte Beads Bracelet. TRUTH - CLARITY
Amazonite Matte Beads Bracelet. TRUTH - CLARITY
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Amazonite Matte Beads Bracelet. TRUTH - CLARITY

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Amazonite 6mm matte beads and sterling silver bracelet handmade with love in California:

Affirmation: I voice my intention and it becomes my reality.

Amazonite: Truth, communication, self-knowledge, helps to manifest dreams and desires, clarity.

Amazonite is a stone of harmony, both within the self and among people. It can also empower us in manifesting our dreams and desires. It is a magnifier of our intentions, and because it works through the throat chakra, these intentions must be spoken aloud. Holding an amazonite while affirming aloud what you wish to create can powerfully enhance your ability to bring it into being. Amazonite teaches us to speak the truth.

Each piece is smudged with California sage and charged with positive Reiki energy. Reiki energy flows where it is needed the most, it can help spiritually, physically or emotionally.

Wear this piece with intention. Repeat the affirmation and trust that your life will improve.

We donate a percentage of our proceeds to a person in need.

This piece comes with a romance card.